Apr 202014


David Corey isn’t the only one that finds the sensual experience of water on his skin erotic. But he’s one of the few that takes it out to the street. David likes to take walks in the rain at night so he can feel that water falling on his skin, soaking through his clothes. It’s the feeling of the warm water and also the feeling of his shirt sticking to his ripped chest and abs that kinda turns him on. And after a walk in the rain, a warm shower really gets David hard. Watching water flow over David’s sexy body is a wonder of nature. And when he’s sufficiently soaked and excited, David showers himself with some liquid of his own.

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Apr 182014


Will sure knows how to pose and how to engage the camera. Falcon Studios found out right away when this sexy French import landed the cover of “Retreat”. In a long time relationship with a partner twice his age, Will is no ordinary porn star: he has managed the Raidd Bar in Paris, publishes a popular page on Twitter and has a kinky, darker side we’d like to explore!

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Apr 172014


Bareback fuck buddies Tom Smith, Martin Corvin and Luke Taylor are thick as thieves. Have been for quite some time. When they go backpacking through the countryside, the fresh air gets them horny. Backpacking soon becomes barebacking, all outdoors with a castle in the background. Luke sucks both, super sexy and hunky blond jock Tom and spikey-haired twink Martin. Judging from his hard-on hung it’s clear Luke’s quite the cock whore. But Martin isn’t one to be left behind and is soon sucking as much uncut dick as he can. He even attempts taking both at the same time but the greedy little cocksucker just doesn’t have a big enough mouth. When the trio goes deeper into the countryside, Luke is skewered and spit roasted, sucking tom while getting fucked by Martin. But Luke can’t have just one cock. He’s soon riding Tom like a pro, impaling himself bareback, their moans and grunts of lust witnessed only by nature and our cameraman. Luke spews first, his load fucked out of him even as he strokes his own cock, and Martin is there to eat and taste some of his jizz. Tom is soon blowing his own seed and Martin eats his as well. Then, showered by the gentle rain from an approaching storm, Martin blows his seed all over Luke’s pretty face and the twink is there to catch some of it in his mouth and share with his fellow twink cock whore.

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Apr 152014


It’s a dreary day for Evan Parker as he takes a walk in the rain to reflect on his faltering relationship with starving-artist boyfriend Alex Jordan. Evan is the pragmatic one in the relationship and has lost patience being the de-facto patron for Alex while he works on his art. As Evan wanders the cold city streets contemplating the breakup he runs into a flirty old flame, Ian Levine. It doesn’t take long for the ex-lovers to warm up to each other but after their fling Evan is left facing that same lingering question: So what happens now?

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Apr 112014


Kendrick is a construction worker who’s currently waiting for the spring construction season to start back up. While he waits to get back to work he’s filling his time playing hockey with his friends and playing around with his DJ equipment. Kendrick is living evidence that a guy can be straight and masculine without needing to be a douche bag or homophobic. Though he has every opportunity to sleep around, he really prefers to be settled down with one girl and he won’t cheat on her. And even though he has plenty of straight guy friends he also is quite comfortable to hang out with his gay guy friends, and go with them to the clubs. And if he’s had a few drinks and the situation is right he might even let it go beyond his normal boundaries.

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Apr 102014


Hunting around the streets of South London, tracksuits on, spray cans in pocket, these two young scally lads are on the hunt for their next blank canvas and secret den. Breaking into an abandoned office block, it’s jackpot for these hung fuckers and they quickly get to work destroying the place. Posing in front of their creations, Lee gets his ass out, turning on his mate Justteen so much that he’s spun round and that huge dick is sucked dry. Peeling off their hoodies and trackie bottoms, both lads show off their dicks to each others phone cameras, capturing the horny twink fucking forever. Handsome pretty boy Lee has the hottest dick, solid, low hanging balls and an appetite for ass, exactly what Justteen wants. Pulling a skanky mattress down, both holes gets a proper eating out, deep tongue fucking in amazing closeups make way for Lee to fuck his mate incessantly. These twinks have one hell of a lot of stamina and the ball slapping pounding Jus is given leaves him empty of juice, so Lee tops him up with a squirt in the face, all over that pretty rudeboi mouth of his.

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Apr 042014


Jeremiah had spent a long time leisurely stroking his cock and tugging on those heavy balls, and he was really on the edge of unloading his cum. He flipped over and took aim, wanking his meat as the jizz splashed out, splatting over his face in warm globs. He made a meal out of it too, licking that juice from his fingers!

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Apr 032014


With Daniel Woods watching over them, Leo Foxx and Dorian Wilde are making out in a fevered frenzy. Blond Dorian is decked out in a slashed, killer top and underwear, which apparently turns Lee on even more than the idea of being watched by his bareback porn hero from the poster on his wall. The two trade blowjobs, each fucking face while jerking off as they allow their hungry mouths to be used. They then get into a 69, with Dorian on top, but the blond is soon distracted by the call of Lee’s sweet hole. Dorian laps at Lee’s tight starburst, making it pucker as if it were breathing, and it’s a beautiful sight. After finger fucking the spit-lubed entrance, while Lee continues to suck Dorian, the blond straddles Lee and offers up his own hole for a raw fuck. The smaller, darker-haired Lee fucks Dorian bareback before spraying his load onto his face and into his mouth. Triggered by the flavor of his fuck buddy’s jizz, Dorian strokes his own cock until he shoots all over his belly. Lee then gives him a sloppy kiss, tasting his own seed from Dorian’s lips.

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