Sep 042015


Like kids in a candy store, models Nick Daniels, Nick Gill and Pierre are in the studio playing dress-up. Except since they’ve already worn most of the clothing for prior bareback scenes, they start getting horny as their sexual memories come flooding back. Soon they’re in an orgy of making out and sucking cock. But once all that juicy meat is primed with spit for lube, the fun truly begins! Nick D ends up on his back with Nick G pumping him full of raw cock. Pierre gets tired of watching and wants a taste of the sweet pink hole and tag team fucks Nick D before the hungry bottom rides Nick G, shoots a huge load — which Pierre tastes — then Pierre and Nick D taste, eat, and share Nick G’s fresh young twink jizz.

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Sep 022015


Jesse Montgomery is one of Helix Studios’ most popular porn princes. With his wavy blonde bangs, rock solid & chiseled physique, and big beautiful 7.5 inch ramrod, it’s not difficult to imagine why. Brad Chase burst onto the scene with a series of white hot cock pleasers that has this beautiful bottom-next-door destined for super superstardom. Putting these two twink titans together was bound to be a stroking success as Brad feeds on Jesse’s phallus and gets his perfect pleasure place tongue fucked & fingered. After some fantastic foreplay, he opens up and receives a series of stabbings that’ll have you wishing you had Jessie’s boy.

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Sep 012015


Starting off with a quick all-body massage, Damien is in heaven as personal favourite John Hill gets busy with his hands turning his mate on, and proving it as Damien flips over and both boys clock their respective bulging briefs! Damien’s looking fitter and more defined than before, which is always welcome, and the tattooed John is always a pleasure to look at and take in, especially when his six-pack is so damn defined against his slim frame! As his pretty face is stuffed full of cock, Damien leans back to enjoy John at work before tucking in to his own slab of meat. Moving to a small table, Damien is propped up so his smooth open hole is exposed to us as John does his bit to show us exactly where he’s gonna be slamming, getting it nice and wet first, then as he holds Damien’s legs akimbo, slides the whole way in and thrusts back and forth, getting as deep as he can! The fun doesn’t stop there as Damien is taken around the room and fucked solidly, letting us have great access to his pummelled asshole as John slides his raw dick in and out, building himself into a hot spurt of spunk that leaves Damien close to drowning point, what a perfect twink he is!

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Aug 312015


Slender and smooth, and uncircumcised – of course, this slip-sliding-spinkfest is a real humdingers, that left sexy, youngster Bill on a rubber ring for days after. Benn comes a calling on his fuck buddy – Bill – and there’s only one thing on this studs mind – ‘nailing some raw twink tail’. Bill knows whats coming and his cute butt is ready for bareback action, just aswell Benn’s not hanging around and strips his cute buddy at the door, before slurping on the cute lads uncut cock and getting it to rigid attention. Then the guys are on the floor with Bill’s legs up in the air and Benn teasing his sweet, sweaty fuck hole open to stick his big, stiff pole right up the lads hot hole. Its a struggle at first but Bill can take the pain and soon eases into Benn’s furious p! ace of fucking. Bill doesn’t want to waste that load up his ass, he wants to feel it splashing on his arse cheeks, Benn’s always one to oblige!

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Aug 282015


Vadim Black, Zeno Kostas, and David Hardy fuck and get fucked in this sexy threeway! These boys are sure to get you hot! Vadim Black has been fucked hard by Zeno Kostas and David Hardy, but now it’s his turn to get revenge by pumping these guys full of his cock until they can’t sit down for days!

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Aug 272015


Let me introduce you to my new cute mate Max Micheals. The 21 year old from South America was so excited about doing his first shoot with me. He couldn’t wait to come around and meet me. I was hoping to get this guy naked outside but it was the beginning of winter and decided it wouldn’t look so good to have him freezing his butt off. So we headed down to my studio to get Max posing and stripping. This guy was a bundle of energy as we got started. Max has a very cute accent and jokes a lot as I get him pulling a few poses. He makes me laugh a lot. Eventually I get Max bending over as I lay on the floor to get some shots of that beautiful bum. But just wait till he turns around to show you that big thick uncut dick. It is already starting to grow hard as I click away. Then Max asks me if he can jack off on my bed… hey, why not?

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Aug 252015


Mario has Juan on the sofa and the big bulge in his pants says he’s got one thing on his mind. Juan soon finds his pants down around his ankles and Mario’s lips wrapped around his big fat uncut dick. By now, Juan knows he’s going to fuck Mario, but first these two skinny Latinos enjoy a long oral session. Then Mario lets Juan slide his beast in and fuck him silly. By the time Juan is done barebacking his skinny young bottom there’s cum dripping out of Marios ass and a smile on his face.

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Aug 242015


Sexy hunky muscle lad Jeffrey Parker puts on a hot show for the camera, starting off with an interview. He chats about what he is into and how he likes to keep fit. Then, on the sofa, he works on his bulge and nipples, gradually stripping out of his shiny red sports kit down to his undies. He has a great body, nicely muscled, with incredible legs. Getting a hard bulge, he rubs and squeezes it, then takes off his white briefs. Jeffrey starts playing with his thick cut cock, shows it off to the camera, then gets down to some hot jerk off action. Lubing up his dick, making the head bulge, he plays with his very stiff nipples and it really seems to get his cock throbbing! He stands and lubes up his cock some more then continues with cock play, jerking off over us, making his dick twitch with some sexy hands free action. Back on the sofa, Jeffrey lays back, lubes his cock again, and works on his throbbing meat. With his muscles shiny with sweat, they stiffen as he gets close. He beats away hard and fast now, till his cock starts pumping out hot white spunk all over his abs. Jeffrey shoots plenty and it continues pumping out slowly as he squeezes out more and more, before giving a final sexy look into camera.

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Aug 212015


Twenty years old Vs thirty seven, its so wrong its right. Tony is a sweet, angel faced lad with a dick so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it, Benn’s an older man who should be trusted, but when he claps eyes on this cute lad he can’t help but let his fingers, and tongue do the walking. BUT Benn is also an insatiable, bareback bottom, and he’s chocking for a length of uncut teen dick, we never disappoint! Its a great angle as Benn lowers himself onto Tony’s ram-rod stiff cock and slides, gingery down, he’s tight as can be with a muscular hole, a real dick milker. He sskewers himself right up to our top-teens bollocks and rides that dick like the fuck slut he is. All raw – all spunky!

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Blonds are bigger

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Aug 202015


We love Alex Silvers’ giant dick. Each time he gets it out it looks bigger, thicker and tastier! As he leans back on the tabletop and plays with himself, the solid shaft is the perfect shape and size to cause a lot of grief to a tight bottom boy! Luckily for them, he’s got a fleshjack instead and even manages to stretch that wider than it probably should be! Letting us watch as he strokes himself and fucks the clear sex toy, we can see what it would be like if that were our ass instead and damn it’s a hot thought!

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