Mar 062015


Adam Ramzi and Brandon Moore have been watching each other in the Steamworks’ gym for a while. When Adam offers to spot Brandon it’s no surprise that his cock pops out of his shorts and down Brandon’s throat. Adam slams his huge cock into Brandon?s enormous round ass and they fuck all over the gym equipment. Brandon blows first then Adam pulls out and shoots his load into his buddy’s mouth.

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Mar 052015


Gabriel Clark and Jack Rayder start by making out and before we knew it their clothes had come off and Gabriel was sucking on Jack’s rock hard cock. Of course Jack later returns the favor while Gabriel is fingering his hole and stuffing his mouth with his big cock at the same time. But we all know Gabriel is all about that ass so a deep rimming was expected from him before he began pounding the life out of Jack. Judging by the sounds Jack was making and that dripping hard cock of his you could tell he was in Clark Heaven. A few positions later, Jack is riding Gabriel and shooting sperm all over his hairy chest before kneeling in front of him with his mouth wide open begging for his load. If you’re a Gabriel Clark fan (that’s all of you), this scene is going straight to the top of your favorites!

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Mar 042015


How can we put this nicely? Sometimes people on hookup sites don’t exactly live up to the expectations set by their photos. The guy who shows up bares almost no resemblance to that hot boy you saw on your screen. Imagine Kyle’s surprise and delight when a sexy stud like Blake walks through the door. And imagine Blake’s relief to see Kyle’s toned body and six pack abs look just as good in person. The horny boys get right to it, tearing off clothes and exposing hard and ready dicks. Blake’s huge, uncut cock in Kyle’s tight, hungry hole feels even better than either could have imagined. This hot hookup concludes with Blake giving Kyle a face-full of cum to remember him by.

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Mar 032015


My shoot with 19 year old Jakub Novek in Poland last month turned in to one of the hottest scenes from my European vacation. The photoshoot was going really well and then Jakub started his video scene in the shower. What he did in the shower was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. When Jakub got down on all fours on the floor of the shower with his bottom poking up and that huge cock swinging between his legs, I could have jumped in and fucked him right there. But I got the chance to place with my twink mate’s butt hole during the filming later on the bed. I remember from our last shoot Jakub saying that he loves sucking cock. So I pulled my own hard on out of my jeans for him to suck on. It wasn’t long after that when I laid back on the floor just before Jakub showered the whole room and myself in long sprays of cum. That giant cock turned into a cum hose. I could not see the cum at all, I could just feel it landing all over me. I like Jakub a lot and I really think that this is one of the best video scenes from the trip. I hope I will get to shoot with him again this year.

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Mar 022015


Bottom boy Jayden loves to take some cock in his hole, but he loves eating hot twink cum even more. It’s the best way to get those juicy loads out as he and Ryan share a horny fuck in the shower, sucking cock and rimming, then fucking butt to get those jizz loads pumping out onto the glass! The jizz eating action is the hottest!

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Feb 262015


What are you doing right now – remember that as this is the time when you first say Chad Porter. Who? Get to know as the latest Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search find is destined to be a porn superstar. He’s that super hot jock you always fantasised about in High School who got all the girls but as it turns out was hot for the assistant coach. He is gorgeous and a total sex fiend. He’s here with Travis Stevens who has been building a huge following himself of late – make sure you check out the interview to get the first of Travis’ great news this month!

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Feb 252015


This warehouse is packed to the rafters with goodies, hot, rampantly oversexed twinks, with bulging jeans and heavy, cum filled balls. Six ( or was the seven?) randy lads in hi-viz jackets getting down and nasty amongst the crates and shelves. The jeans are unzipped to reveal, veiny, stiff rods of uncut boy flesh, these lads can’t wait to sink to their knees and suck those juicy cocks. Its all coming down, trousers, boys, morals – then pretty soon the whole party ends up on the floor.

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Feb 232015


Gabriel, as all know, likes to be rough with his bottoms and Frankie is so expressive with his feelings that the two of them together is like the best of both worlds. The chemistry between the two of them was instant. They start by making out passionately but Gabriel doesn’t miss an opportunity to show that he’s in charge – whether it’s by pulling Frankie on the bed to position him however he wants him or grabbing the back of his head and kissing him deeply. They go back and forth sucking each others’ cocks as Gabriel makes sure his finger is inside Frankie’s hole at all times, exercising total control in every position. But fingering is just not enough for Gabriel. He wanted a taste. So he rims Frankie like there’s no tomorrow and preps his hole open for his massive cock. After drilling him from behind for a while, Gabriel positions Frankie on top of him and makes hi m ride it as if his life depended on it. Overwhelmed by all the pleasure, Frankie shoots his massive load on Gabriel’s chest and then jerks him off too.

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Feb 212015


Swimming in the pool just isn’t as much fun without a buddy. And swimming with a buddy isn’t as much fun as swimming naked with a buddy. So Cooper invites Blake to join him for some skinny dipping. The water might be freezing cold, but it hasn’t had any negative effect on Blake’s hung, swinging dick. Now on to the bedroom, where the horny boys warm each other up by rubbing their smooth bodies together. Cooper grinds his tight hole on Blake’s big, uncut cock until he covers Blake in a blanket of his own thick load. Fucking in a warm bed beats skinny dipping in a cold pool any day.

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