Jul 292015


Carmen has been left on the bed, bound and gagged, and Jasper can never resist such a tempting sight. The horny young man is already hard and ready to use that hole, not waiting a moment before he’s plunging his naked cock into the boys hole! Fucked deep and hard Carmen is hungry for more, riding that dick with Jasper controlling the reins, then plugged once more with his long naked cock and getting some ball juice in his fucked hole when his top boy can’t take any more. With the taste of cum on his tongue as he sucks Jasper clean he jerks out his own load to finish a very satisfying twink bondage fuck!

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Jul 272015


With the hot water splashing down both their naked bodies, the sexual tension intensified in an indescribable way. After some sensual washing and massaging, Gabriel slowly took Angel’s cock in his mouth for one of his world-class blowjobs. Not long after, Gabriel full-on power-fucked the hell out of Angel from behind. Angel could barely breathe as the water continued streaming down their muscles, so the guys sat down and Gabriel let Angel ride him for a bit. Gabriel wanted to cum on Angel’s ass, so the guys stood up again and turned the water back on for Gabriel to also release his load on Angel’s perfectly round bubble butt.

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Jul 222015


Ian unzips his blue jeans and whips out his enormous 9 inch cock and shows it off for the camera. Slowly working his hand along the thick shaft as he works a slippery finger in and out of his tight little asshole. He fucks himself slow and easy then sits up and shoots a thick load of twink cum all over the living room floor. Grinning at the camera as the cum drips off his dick head and slides down his long fingers. Delicious!

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Jul 202015


With his cheeky grin and his boyish Tintin looks, it’s no great wonder that Ray Mannix has stolen the hearts of fans all over the world in pretty much next to no time. Mind, it’s an obsession that’s only going to get a damn sight worse once this breathtaking solo has hit the net – the horny little buddy brazenly showing off all his wares for all to see, having stripped off his Barcode briefs to expose that beautiful, uncut, shavedshaft of his. It’s a sight that’ll have aficionados drooling en-masse; and the cravings will only intensify as the lad engages in a little foreskin play, rubbing his foreskin over his bell-end until the inevitable occurs and he eagerly jerks out a delicious wad of the finest Czech boy-batter!

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Jul 192015


Izan hasn’t been allowed to cum for a while, just like master Sebastian prefers. He’s had the gorgeous boy prepared by some of the lads, stripped and roped to the mattress with his legs spread. Tickling begins immediately, but if the ticklish boy thought it was going to be easy he has another thing coming! The pinwheel is one is applied, his body lubed up and his hard curved uncut cock pleasured over and over until even the master is caught off guard and the boys dick starts flooding cum out!

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Jul 182015


Oh hot damn, these lads are instant crush material. Rudy is a sexy, strapping brunette, obviously turning heads in college and Alan is a sun kissed, floppy haired blonde with a taste for stiff, uncut dick. The boys finish the tennis game and head for the changing room, but having built up a sweat and spent the last hour watching those balls bounce, they’re not ready to shower and get clean, these boys get DIRTY. Alan dives onto stunning Rudy’s dick, devouring it, as Rudy face fucks him (and what a beautiful face to fuck, he’s so smooth and cute he’s almost pretty, just Rudy’s type) But Alan wants more than to taste that over-sized, uncut dick he wants it in him. Rudy is as horny as hell and can’t wait to feel the hot walls of Alan’s insides, Alan offe! rs up his rump and when its been good and spit lubed from Rudy’s drooling tongue the handsome boys get down to fucking, moaning with passion as their climaxes build to a gushing, splatter crescendo!

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Jul 172015


When I say Liev is horny it’s no exaggeration. The boy jerks off at least 4 times a day and when he’s not at work or in school, he spends a huge portion of his time on his phone looking for “Mr Right” or “Mr Right Now!”. Though he has a really great dick and knows how to use it, Liev’s greatest desire is to be fucked. He loves the sensation in his ass of a big dick working in and out. With so few eligible guys in his area, Liev has learned to make some compromises. If there isn’t a real cock available, then a big plastic one will fill the void until something better can be had. Take a few moments to watch this video and get to know the intimate side of Liev.

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