Oct 082015


It’s a new term at school and Thomas Fiaty has a new boyfriend, a college jock by the name of Matthew Ross. Everybody wants a piece of the big, beefy hunk and those who’ve already had him, want more. Except Thomas isn’t giving this one up any time soon because the dark-haired beauty has the one thing Thomas likes most…a big, fat, uncut, juicy cock with big balls! On their first weekend together, Thomas wastes little time in making out with his hung boyfriend and it’s clear humpy Matthew enjoys getting pawed. After plenty of kissing and feeling each other up, the two get into a hot and heavy 60 session, with Thomas using his throat to make love to Matthew’s long, fat piece, and Matthew lapping up the pink, tasty morsel that is Thomas’s hole. Thomas knows what Matthew wants and he’s eager to do some raw riding. Spit-lubed, Thomas takes up his position and slides down the throbbing shaft, impaling himself. He’s on on all fours, getting slammed, but Matthew wants to see his boyfriend’s pretty face when he slides back in, pumping until he’s ready to blow. Matthew spews a fresh load of hot semen all over the freshly fucked hole, seeding Thomas and sending him over the edge. Thomas follows with a huge mess of his own you can all but taste!

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Oct 072015


This is undoubtedly one of the most controversial scenes ever produced by BelAmi. Twin brothers sharing the same boyfriend. But if you think about it carefully you shouldn’t be too surprised. They feel and think many things the same way. Why not share the same sexual fantasy?. Lino and Aldo Belucci wanted to do it in front of BelAmi’s camera. Watch them emjoying Roald Ekberd athletic body!

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Oct 062015


These horny young lovers have finally gotten some time to themselves, hidden away in a deserted house in the woods. Their rippling, hairless bodies are soon stripped bare as they make out, servicing each other’s stiff twink cocks before the blond lad bends his mate over to take his deep, raw fuck up against the wall.

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Oct 052015


Colourful, interesting and very enthusiastic Philip Tiger sits on the locker room bench and tells us a little about his life. Massively into sports he plays tennis, badminton and swims as well as spending loads of time in the gym he’s very active which explains his extremely lean and toned body, abs for absolute days! Backwards cap, chain, vest, shorts and high-tops he’s a modern chavvy lad, horny, dirty and up for anything. Pulling his black vest over his head and behind his neck, showing of that tight and uber defined torso. He gropes from the outside and sticks his hands down the inside of his shorts, staring down the camera with a cheeky blue eyed squint. Standing up and teasing the shorts down, the front and centre gets a bit stuck on his bulging jock clad crotch on the way down. Navy and white with thick red butt straps, this jock could have been made for Philip, though his hard cock is impossible to contain. Getting out his mega thick and long dick, veiny and skyward pointing, he’s already rock solid before he’s even touched it. Leaning up against the cold lockers he works himself into a hot wanking frenzy. Taking his discarded jock strap with him he sits back down, stretches out, pulls the crotch of his used underwear up to his face and takes a long hard sniff… He beats off. He’s having fun with this, using the jock to wank with and occasionally inhaling his own scents from it, filthy and we love it! Placing it on the bench he builds up the tension and blows his load all over his used jock. Quite a horny display!

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Oct 022015


Tyler can’t stop himself from getting so desperately turned on! He’s naked and tied down to the bench, his big uncut cock ready for Deacon to enjoy in a frantic and rough session of wanking and sucking. The hot wax doesn’t deter that dick, even though it’s uncomfortable. The furious cock pleasuring has Tyler spewing out a massive load of cum, making Deacon need to unload his own cock, which Tyler seems thirsty for! What a messy finish for a couple of incredibly horny boys.

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Hitchhiked and stuffed

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Sep 292015


Cold, damp and walking down a misty country lane, American stud Saxon West is desperate for a lift. Lucky for him Kayden Gray is en route home and more than happy to help! Parking up in a lay-by for some compensation, Saxon is more than happy to oblige the best way he knows how, and when he spies Kayden’s huge member stirring in his jeans, Saxon really can’t wait! Wrapping his lips around the throbbing shaft, Kayden is visibly in heaven as he gets what he’s been waiting for. Just as he is about to finish, a local car beeps and they have to skedaddle! Finding their way into a bedroom, Kayden is more than happy to get more than a quick blowjob, and by the way Saxon devours Kayden’s cock from both ends, so is he! Lowering his smooth white ass on to Kayden, his dick has never looked bigger and Saxon’s butt never hungrier!

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