Apr 162015


All alone, he thinks, in the fire station, buff stud Mark Franks is still kitted up in his fireman’s uniform and having a laid back wank when he’s caught by horny David Norris, who is more than happy to take over with a submissive blowjob. Mark’s soon polishing his helmet up inside David’s tight hole, shunting raw up the bottom’s bubblebutt.

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Apr 142015


Ricky Larkin has been hanging out again with me and when he saw Ricky he knew he wanted to get him tied up and tickled. So it wasn’t long before the two of us talked the muscle hunk into some tickle torture. Adam turned out to be super ticklish and everyone knows what happens when a sexy hunk is ticklish and I get my hands on him. Ricky and I ended up hitting almost every part of Adam’s superb body and of course his feet got the most tickling. Adam’s cock got stroked for a while too. Super hot!

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Apr 132015


In part 2 of this Latin 3 way, we find Mauro sucking Joshua with Manuel slipping around to the backdoor. Manuel slides in Mauro’s backdoor bareback style and turns up the Latin heat. From here out, Joshua and Manuel tag team Mauro. When Joshua heads to the backdoor, Mauro turns his attention to Manuel’s cock. As the two switch back and forth, Mauro is the perfect “stuffed jalapeno.” With Joshua getting close to blowing his load, the three settle to the ground and Manuel slips in the backdoor again while Joshua strokes one out all over Mauro’s face. Next it’s Manuel ready to pop and he pulls out to blow on Mauro’s stomach. Not to be left out and well deserving, Mauro finishes things up blowing his own creamy load. The three young men then settle back with the look of content on all of their faces.

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Apr 102015


We had to bring this scene back for Easter, enjoy some classic Zack! Zack likes to mix things up a little, and he’s doing exactly that in this sexy cum gushing solo. The boy is already enjoying his big uncut cock as he jacks off with floppy bunny ears on his head and a fluffy little tail between his legs, tickling his cum-filled balls as he reaches climax and erupts a huge load!

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Apr 082015


All that sugar seems to be having an effect on young Elijah and Carmen! Sucking lollipops soon leads to sucking on hard twink dick as they swap their boners with each other. A little rimming and Carmen’s snug hole is ready for those inches to slide in deep, with Elijah thrusting his cock into his hole over and over, first with some doggy style humping and then face down, ending with the boy in his back while Elijah’s heavy balls swing. With a cum load fucked into the boys ass, Carmen jerks out his own and gets a second helping as Elijah spews another load in his face!

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Apr 072015


Angel is somewhat reminiscent of a younger Pierre — he’s got the cocky charm, the tattoos, and the same amazing body. Needless to say, Pierre loved taking control in the beginning and he started nailing Angel almost immediately after swapping blowjobs and rimming him. But then Angel surprised him when he turned the tables and fucked him back! Pierre eventually regained control though, and finished Angel off by pounding him in missionary until he came on his own abs. Pierre even went the extra mile and rewarded Angel with a huge facial while he was still trying to catch his breath!

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Generation gangbang

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Apr 052015


Kyle’s got a ‘thing’ for old gents, so we made his day by serving up, burly older daddy – Andy on a plate. Andy likes his bucks young, and uncut so sexy, dirty blonde Kyle is perfect. The two guys get down to some heavy duty snogging but Andy can’t wait to suck on that big dick and offer up his daddy-hole to Kyle’s stiff young, uncut dick. So hot to watch an older guy getting, pump and ploughed by a smooth twink. Kyle pumps that hairy hole for all he’s worth and nearly wears Andy out, Kyle’s got enough stamina for an army. Andy takes it like a pro and begs for Kyle’s steaming, copious load in his face and he gets it. Kyle’s been saving it up for papi, so he get s really good soaking.

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Apr 032015


From the very beginning inked bad boy Mickey is on the edge, his raging cock red and sensitive right from the start of his handjob. A master edger works that gorgeous dick while Mickey writhes around, the pleasure shooting through his dick, his balls tight and needing to shoot so bad. Mickey gets taken right to the edge and risks firing off early, but he gets denied, over and over, until he’s finally allowed to erupt!

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Apr 022015


This is Travis Stevens’ first scene with Helix, and we always like to get to know our models on a personal level before watching them in action. So we engage him, along with the handsome Elijah West, in a little light conversation to find out things like where they’re from, what they do for fun, and of course we have to ask about the best sex they’ve ever had. When the topic turns to PDA’s, Travis and Elijah prove they’re not squeamish by locking lips in the middle of a crowded park. Good thing they’re not, because the situation is about get a whole lot more intimate back at the apartment. Soon Travis’ hard cock is making its Helix debut inside Elijah’s tight little hole, while Elijah is visibly enjoying every inch of the newcomer.

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