Feb 112016


Toned, slender twink Jimmie Brown takes a bath after getting sweaty outdoors. The trouble is, as he’s wearing a sexy pair of underwear and lathers himself up, Jimmie starts to get super horny. He also can’t reach his back so he calls for Joel Varga’s assistance. The dark-haired beauty is all too happy to help his twink buddy out. Joel gets his hands soapy and slick and soon starts lathering up Jimmie’s luscious body. But this isn’t your typical soaping up. This is a sensual massage using thick, foamy soap. As Joel glides his hands up and down Jimmie’s soft limbs, you can tell he’s getting horny, too. His hands roam all over Jimmie’s hot ass, squeezing and kneading, before Joel himself steps into the bathtub. When it comes time to rinse off, Joel gets Jimmie all wet but the playful twink turns the tables on Joel and showers him with water. It’s a horny sight to see the suds sliding down Jimmie’s body! Joel manhandles Jimmie’s ass even more while stroking his large, uncut cock. Joel gets nice and close and personal, sucking Jimmie’s cock in between getting him all soapy. And trust us when we say, if you’ve ever jerked off using a good soap, you’ll know exactly what the twink feels as Joel gives Jimmie a handjob, edging him until the twink can no longer hold back and spews a hot creamy load.

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Feb 102016


Mysterious Domynick gets the better of gorgeous young hotel employee Zac when he catches the young man snooping in his room. The young man can’t resist the sexy boss, soon sharing hard and wet cock as they suck each other. Domynick loves to get fucked, and fit young Zac certainly knows how to get a man like him off!

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Feb 052016


Introducing Kaleb Marshall. Kaleb’s a young & inexperienced high school senior who’s ultra conservative hometown hasn’t made it easy for him to express or experiment much with his feelings/desires and this sizzling scene is chock-full of firsts. A multi-sport athlete, the alluring 18 year old is on both his school’s baseball & football teams, so who better to coach him through this extra special openings than studly pro jock top, Kody Knight and his 8 inch pipe? Watch as Kody welcomes the marvelous Kaleb Marshall and the cherry poppin’ daddy shows him the rope.

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Jan 252016


Ashton has been learning some new things! He has gorgeous Dmitry roped down to the bed naked, starting things off with some wanking of the handsome lads cock. A little abuse and some lube play later and Ashton is tying his toes together with a cable tie, ready to stick his cock between them and fuck the lads soles until his cum is pumping out! He’s not done yet though, he wants a load from that gorgeous dick and he’s got a fleshlight to help him.

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Jan 232016


Sweet and sexy Cory Prince sits in the locker room in his oversized basketball vest and shorts. His English is a little limited and he’s shy to talk in front of the camera, bless him! Though we know he’s not shy when it comes down to his sexual performance, he’s a little powerhouse! Rubbing the silky material on his tanned skin, showing off his tight abs, tattoos and perfect little muscles. He pulls the vest over his head and lets it sit on his shoulders. Teasing the contents of his silky shorts you can tell he had no underwear on, bulge city! He strokes his obviously hard dick through the shorts and outlines his full length before springing him out and free. Posing and beating off he glares and winks at the camera. He goes into a locker to take out 2 fun sized butt toys, fun sized for fun sized, right? Starting with number 1 a clear little teaser he eases it in, straddling the bench, rocking back and forth on it for full effect and arching his back to accentuate his perfect little bubble arse! Number 2’s turn, so he flips round, front facing to show off and beat off his hard cock whilst squatting down on a slightly larger black butt plug. Resting, he tugs at the toy inside him, teasing and pulling his hole out, gripping on to the toy. Laying back he presses the toy deeper inside him and wanks off, ready off a sticky climax!

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Jan 212016


After getting frisky in the bathroom, super bottom boy Kevin whips out a dildo and starts fucking himself with it as he calls Tom over for some help. More than happy to help, Tom jumps straight in and fucks his friend hard with the dildo, getting Kevin more cock hungry than ever and ready for the real thing from Tom! Sucking on his ever-growing shaft, Tom’s a very well hung twink, and Kevin couldn’t be happier about it! After their marathon dick gobbling, Kevin squats over Tom and bounces so hard and fast his own dick swings all over the place, showing how much he loves the feeling of a raw cock up his butt!

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Jan 192016


Serious ripped and tanned bodies put to their best use – these two horny as fuck guys love to bury their aching, stiff cocks in each other’s mouths with a wet, sloppy blowjob. Their grunts and groans fill the air as they ride up towards busting their nuts, with some nipple play making the bareback bottom bust his cream over his 6-pack.

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