Mar 312015


Take notice of the fact that Joey Pele has bulked up: before he was lean and cute, but now he’s an all-out stud. What hasn’t changed is the sexual energy he’s filled with — he’s always operating at full force. This kid knows how to fuck, and he never has a problem working up a white-hot load after pounding someone into submission. That someone in question here is Craig Daniel, and he’s ready to take what Joey is going to give. And what exactly is he giving? Check out 24:20 and you’ll be reminded why we were so quick to sign him as an exclusive, and all I can say is “yes, please”!

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Mar 302015


Everybody is so used to see Dario in ‘power bottom’ mode that we can sometimes forget how good he is as a top, so today we decided to pair him up with another equally talented bottom, Claude Sorel, to allow Dario to remind us how well he can perform. The scene hopefully will get everybody in the mood for spring and summer, swimming pools and outdoor games of every sort you can imagine. Claude makes Dario play hard on!

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Mar 272015


Deacon loves stealing the cum from boys cocks, and Levi is helpless in the hands of the horny dick stroker. The naked red head is restrained and blindfolded in one of the masters’ metal contraptions, ready for Deacon to wank into a frenzy, splashing the boys naked body and hard uncut cock with hot wax, beating his meat until it’s achingly solid and throbbing, repeatedly edging him until his balls spew their contents!

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Mar 262015


Chester Pool and Victor Klicko are on holiday. While Chester peruses a local map to plan a day of sightseeing, Victor lures his twink boyfriend into a hot session of bareback sex. Using his hard cock as bait, he soon has Chester’s lips wrapped around the fat, uncut piece of meat…and it’s a whopper! Victor returns the favor, greedily slurping on Chester’s cock before lubing his hole and sliding home. You can tell from Chester’s face that he enjoys taking his boyfriend’s big, raw cock while those big balls slap against his ass. Victor pounds away at his hungry bareback pig bottom boyfriend before positioning him to go for a ride, which Chester does. His own hard-on bounces up and down as he impales himself on Victor’s thick slab of twink beef, shooting a hefty load all over himself, following by Victor who erupts with an enormous amount of jizz!

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Mar 252015


This is all new to young Blinx, but the bad boy had a cum load in his cock and when Cain and Paolo started stripping him he couldn’t really say no. With a trio of sucking and stroking, all three get a taste for each other as they dribble spit and precum, with Blinx getting a couple of wads of hot boy milk in his face as a nice reward! It really turns him on, too, helping him splash his own jizz out!

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Mar 242015


I have to say, after previewing this scene before setting it to go live on the Lucas Entertainment website on March 20, I’ve come to this realization: I like it when Rocco Steele has a bit of a tender side. Logan Moore, one of our handsome European models, is a submissive lover, so casting him with Rocco was a wise match: we knew the two of them would have awesome chemistry on camera. Though Logan has a career in gay bareback porn, he has experienced few cocks like the one Rocco Steele has. To learn how to take his cock, Logan first gets into the doggy position around 8:10 — and don’t miss the expression on Logan’s face when Rocco starts pumping. But Logan’s true moment of triumph is at 21:20 — he is bouncing on Rocco like a pogo stick!

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Mar 232015


He’s back, with his dark Spanish skin, those thick masculine shoulders , and that pearly white smile. Yes we’d be lost without Denis Vega. And so too it seems would our new Spanish executive Mateo Stanford who comes across Denis digging the land in his JCB. When Mateo finds himself lost in the middle of nowhere he asks directions from Denis, and does Denis show him the way! We just love these scenario; the conformist office guy in his crisp white shirt meets the wild, rugged , blue-collar labourer, who’s ready to rough up that straight laced executive with his dirty manly hands. In the open air with no-one around Denis drops his boiler suit to reveal his thick cock which Mateo gags on with pleasure as Denis gives the back of his head a good shove to make sure that Mateo really get the taste for the entire joystick. The monster tyre of Dennis digger is the perfect place to finger and fuck the arse off this lucky disoriented white collar stud . That’s the way to do it Denis…. That’s the Way!

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Mar 212015


Meet our newest CockyBoy, Raphael Marino. Raphael’s got a lean, muscular body, and a mop of wavy dark hair that perfectly accentuates his jaw line. Though he doesn’t have any tattoos, Raphael’s got a tongue piercing and this wicked cock piercing (a double prince Albert) that goes right through the head! Although Frankie is pretty sexually versatile, he was eager to do a scene where he’s just the top — so breaking in Raphael was the perfect opportunity! Frankie loved making out with Raphael, almost as much as he enjoyed sucking his cock and playing with that piercing. Finally, the guys fucked in several different positions. Raphael turned out to be extremely vocal, especially when he climaxed!

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Mar 202015


We know Mickey is a bit of an animal, but he’s recently discovered his capacity to cum and cum again, and we’re loving it! Alex was eager to get drenched in spunk, so when the two hooked up and quickly got sucking on each others raging hardons we knew we were in for a hot session. Mickey plows that arse all over the bed, cumming hard over Alex’s back, but there’s more semen in that cock yet to come! More fucking for lucky Alex has the boy wanking himself to a sticky finish, and Mickey has another chance to douse the boy with a second fountain of spooge!

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Mar 192015


Patrik and Miro are making out in Miro’s bedroom. The two boys have been hot for each other for a while and now the pent up sexual tension explodes into an afternoon fuck. Miro feeds on Patrik’s fine cock and then feels the raw pole in his tight ass. Miro licks Patrik’s ass and then sucks his cock dry.


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