Jun 012013


Despite being subservient to Jessy Ares, when it comes to sex Paddy O’Brian doesn’t take shit from anyone and takes charge of the situation. Jessy rolls down Paddy’s underwear and starts sucking the thick cock between the top’s furry legs. Jessy works on Paddy long and hard dick before spinning around and getting his ass eaten out. Jessy is usually a strong, dominant top but here Paddy is taking control — he bottoms for no one! Jessy bends over and thrusts his ass up in the air like a bitch in heat, and Paddy doesn’t hesitate to let him know who is in charge as he fucks him deep and long in his ass! Jessy may not have a lot of experiencing bottoming, but after taking a pounding from Paddy O’Brian he won’t soon forget the experience!

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