Dec 042012

Ben Huller met this gorgeous blonde twink walking around outside his building and invited him up for some fun. After a little chitchat, Ben had the dude strip down to his shorts, and as he sat on the couch looking delicious, Ben knelt down in front of him and started massaging his foot. Kay leaned back with his eyes closed and his cock grew right out of his underwear! So naturally Ben couldn’t resist sucking his cock as he reached over and grabbed a dildo to shove up the Kay’s ass! After some prolonged fucking Ben shot his load all over the Kay’s face and then sent him on his way.

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Aug 092012

Ben Huller walked into the room and was amazed to see Johny Red sitting there naked with a smile and his hard uncut cock in his hand. Ben knew exactly what he was going to do with this bold handsome young man! He pulled down his pants and stood right in front of him and grabbed the back of his head and stuffed his thick dick down the guy’s throat until he gagged. After he was as hard as he could get he bent Johny over the chair and slide his cock all the way in his ass. Pushing as hard as he could he fucked Johny rough and bareback until he came!

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