Jan 052012

Tomas (known to his friends as Tommy) was new to the cameras when he bicycled up to film his scene and be inducted into video immortality as a Buenos Boy. He must have liked it because now he’s practically a porn star, highly visible on Manhunt, in the videos of Alexander Pictures and several other notable appearances in between. Go Tomas!

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Aug 122011

The neighbor of one of my friends in Argentina, Adrian has the quintessential face of Japanese animé cartoons. He really should move to Japan! I’m convinced he could reap a fortune there as a pop star even if he couldn’t act or dance or sing a note!

Once you get past the feeling that you’re watching a cartoon illustration coming to life, you warm up quickly to Adrian’s unique appeal. Just 18, he emanates youthfulness at is simplest and most uncomplicated. Totally comfortable with himself, he doesn’t pour on machismo because he already knows he’s a man, even though his age and style give him a hint of adolescent androgyny. He’s ready with a joke, laughing with you because it’s NOT funny, and is generally just a breath of fresh air.

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