Aug 262012

Mike Jochman has never sucked cock and has a bad gag reflex so I let him start by sucking my limp dick in order to acclimate himself. After I got hard the head of my cock was barely in his mouth as he sucked. I allowed i for a while. When I finally made him go down on my cock he did gag and choke. You know that I love it when a straight man chokes on my cock, so I had him do it a couple more times. As I started edging toward climax Mike’s face was scrunched, almost terrified, in anticipation. But when I finally busted a nut he had his mouth wide open and took my load on his face and down the gullet. Afterward, Mike jerked off on my cock and I had him lick and swallow his load from my dick. This is a real as it gets when a married straight man sucks his first cock and gets his first taste of cum!

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Mar 192012

It was like those monster toys were made specifically for Cody North’s ass, and each brought a specific pleasure. The 18 inch ribbed dildo ground Cody deep deep inside, while the thick ass annihilator stretched his ass with delight. I’ve always been fascinated with using huge toys on guys, and it was hot plunging their full length and girth deep inside Cody’s butt. I have used similar toys on other guys and no one except Cody has been able to engulf them with such ease. The moments leading up to his explosive cum shot are burned in my mind. Cody had me push down on his abdomen and fucked him with the monster cock, feeling it deep inside his belly. The pressure of my hand pushing down and the toy thrusting up against my palm caused him to blast!

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Shower Enema

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Mar 062012

Trent Bloom is proud of his title of having the sloppiest ass! He’s all for any way he can have his hole stretched to the limited. He knows what he likes and makes no apologies. When I asked how he got his last name, he dropped his pants, bent over, and pushed out a rose bud. Trent Bloom gives himself an enema in the shower, time and again filling his ass to the brim and allowing the water explode from his ass.

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Feb 202012

I have been wanting to pair Hunter Conan and Dan Decklin for a long time, knowing they would have fucking amazing sex together! Hunter sat on Dan’s rock hard dick, growling loudly as the condomless cock slid deep in his hairy ass. Leaning back, he rode the twinks bare prick hard reverse cowboy. Then Hunter lay on the bed propping his muscular ass in the air for Dan to use. And Dan fucking pounded the jock’s hole hard! Dan continued to nail Hunter raw on his back and the feeling drove the twink insane as he blasted inside Hunter’s ass backback, breeding his new buddy. When Dan pulled out, Hunter pushed out a thick cream pie. Thinking about Dan’s hot load in his ass, Hunter busted a nut, Dan scooping it up and making Hunter eat it from his fingers.

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Fucking Dan Raw

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Jan 062012

I have been wanting to fuck Dan Decklin bareback and cum in his ass for almost two years. My resident top straight stud has been only fucked twice in his entire life. The first time I nailed his ass with a condom; this time he takes my load and pushes out a huge creampie. This time I made up for everything I skipped during our first scene. Dan and I made out passionately, and then I finally got to suck his cock. As sweet as it is blowing a straight guy, I really wanted to taste his sweet hole. I buried my face between his tiny ass cheeks and savored every moment of tonguing his tiny hairy hole. When he was relaxed and sloppy wet I pushed by raw cock inside. It was warm and tight and his muscle cinched around my cock. It felt fucking amazing! And knowing that I’m the only guy who has ever fucked Dan made it all the better! I got so into it that I just rode the wave, forgetting about the camera and everything other than the feeling of Dan’s ass spasm around my cock as I fucked him good and hard. When I pulled out, my top boy pushed out one of the best creampies I’ve ever filmed.

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Jun 232011

Sixty-six guys! Thirty-three minutes! Amazing asses right within your reach, from every angle imaginable, posing, flexing, stretching, bending, getting fucked, fingered, pounded with dildos, rimmed, tongued, and spit in! If you’re addicted to ass, this one is definitely for you. So get your tongue and cock ready to lay into some of the most beautiful male asses on the internet. Ready, set, cum!

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Raw Fuck Creampie

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Jun 062011

Raw Fuck Creampie jumps right into the hard core action with Jack Jagger sitting on Pauly Pamano’s big raw cock and riding him bareback. Then Jack rolls on his back and holds a leg in the air giving Pauly complete access to thrust deep inside his hair hole. Pauly really works him over in that position before pushing Jack’s leg across his body and riding him hard. Jack puts both legs in the air and you get some all about cock pounding hole. Finally Pauly pulls Jack to the edge of the bed and really slam fucks the hell out of his new buddy. Jack gets so into it that point that he cums without warning. That really gets Pauly’s juices flowing and he fucks Jack even hard, cumming deep inside Jack’s ass. Jack then pushes out a thick sticky creampie!

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May 312011

What I love about this video is that KC Johnson was so turned on by me cumming bareback in his ass that he asked me to fuck him harder, pushing my cum deeper inside him, which made him blow his load even harder. This video picks up where ‘Spanking Foreplay’ ends. With KC Johnson blindfolded I fed him my cock, and when I buried it down his throat pushing my pubes against his face, he took it all. I rode him back and forth from balls to ass hole, making him lick my chode. You get some great close up footage of my ass sitting on his face, KC greedily tonguing my hole. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I push the 18 year old’s legs in the air and slide my raw cock deep in his hole. His ass felt fucking amazing! I like doing internal cumshot, but that isn’t always the best for porn, so after I started filling his insides with cum, I pulled out and blasted his balls with a few spurts before thrusting back inside him. I continued to pound him, pushing my raw load deeper inside, until I fucked the cum from his nuts. Pulling out, KC pushed out a creampie of about half my load. Stopping for a moment, I fed the boy his thick creamy cum and he swallowed. Then I had him get doggy style and push out the rest of the creampie.

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