Fratmen Burke

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Nov 022012

Burke is a legacy to a former alumni Fratpad cast member, none other than Fratmen Collin himself. Carrying on the great reputation Collin has left behind, Burke brings us the best of his wildest moments in the chaotic fraternity house with 7 other guys. Watch day to day webcam moments including ejaculation shots, candid crazies and much more!

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Oct 162012

Fratmen Vincent isn’t any more unusual in a narcissistic sense than the rest of the Fratmen. Then again why wouldn’t these hot guys have good reason to spend over 30 mins in the mirror building charisma, after all it’s not like everyone else doesn’t spend the same amount of time leering over their comeliness. The long enigma behind that mirror these guys stand behind is finally unveiled and it’s more than just a simple hair routine!

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Fratmen Bradley

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Jul 262012

Fratmen Bradley has one of those goofy, mischievous smiles that will just melt your heart. Add into the mix some soft, smooth skin, a rippling six-pack and his lightly furry bubble butt and you have a classic Fratmen college jock.

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Mar 122012

Don’t miss a single minute of an afternoon spent with Fratmen Calvin and Jayden. These old time Fratpad alumns not are only best of friends but are the very guys that outlive any of the wildest imaginable fantasies in blood pumping gym workout, relaxing hot tub session and climatic moment on the sunbed.

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Jan 302012

Is it the hair on the chest, the square jaw line or those immaculate “V” lines running southbound that define this exceptionally great looking and utterly handsome man? Masculine to the very bone, Fratmen Otto bears it all in his finest showcase hour. The instant Otto’s dark denim plants to the floor, Otto embarks a compassionate wild sexual adventure. A much needed jerk on the patio, some muscle pumping in the gym followed up with a soothing shower, and a finale in the bedroom where the imagination meets lust.

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Sep 082010

We had another pledge class and Kumar was in charge. We’ll unveil Liam, Nolan, Addison and Lucas over the next few weeks, but this week belongs to Kumar. Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes football antics with the guys at the beginning.

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Aug 112010

Fratmen’s newest, gorgeous, blue eyed fratboy cums to them courtesy of fellow model Graham. Who apparently tells everyone that Vance is a real bad boy. As you can see, the boy has it all going on! Once you’re eventually able to tear your stare away from his sweet smile and sea blue peepers, a body that can only be honed by hours of athletic activity and gym time is beheld. Vance isn’t a huge bodybuilder type though. No, his is a physique that could be utilized for pretty well any sport available. Vance is fast, strong, has high endurance and is just downright perfect. Can there be any doubt of that?

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