Oct 312011

This week on FreshSX.com we have an uber hot straight solo with Stefan Stewart who strips down naked to show his ripped body and HUGE 9.5 inch monster cock! Watch as he works himself up nice and hard before playing more with a Fleshjack till he can hold back no longer and shoots loads of delicious creamy cum all over his ripped, sixpack. Stefan is also starring in our latest release ‘So Big It Hurts’ where he fucks Marco di Lucca so don’t miss his first solo this week!

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Cum on my face bitch!

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Sep 232011

FreshSX have chosen the hottest, creamiest facial cum shots for this amazing collection of scenes. A must have movie for all lovers of cum and creamy facial cumshots.

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Aug 012011

Ryder is 22 from Manchester and likes older guys because they are more experienced and Randy is 40 from Hungary and likes younger guys because they are fresh. It was obvious from their interview that the two couldn’t wait to get on with having seriously hard sex! Randy fondles Ryder putting his hand all over his slim, young body. Within minutes Ryder is sucking Randy’s thick, hard cock while Randy enjoys every second. The favour is quickly returned as Randy works Ryder’s cock hard in his mouth. Ryder lays on top of Randy so they can 69, both enjoying each other’s cocks at the same time.

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Jul 192011

Aaron is 43 from Australia and Luke is 19 from Manchester. Aaron likes young guys because they have a lot of energy and Luke likes older guys because they are bigger than him and they know what they are doing. The guys start to kiss before Luke makes his way down Aaron’s hairy chest and muscled body. Luke starts to suck on Aaron’s hard, thick cock. Aaron stands stripping off and showing his hard, masculine physique. Luke kneels before him sucking him deep and hard. Luke lies down on the bed and Aaron starts to work on sucking his huge cock. Aaron puts his strong muscles to good use, lifting Luke hard against the wall with their two cocks throbbing against each other in a frenzy. Aaron thrusts his dick deep into Luke mouth making sure he enjoys every inch. Aaron fingers Luke’s young, tight ass preparing Luke for the fuck of his life. He teases Luke by shoving a long, black dildo up his ass at the same time playing with his low hanging balls. At long last Luke enjoys having Aaron’s well defined thick and manly cock shoved up him so he can take no more. Aaron pins him down and thrusts hard against him on the bed. At long last Luke shoots wads of hot, white cum over his six-pack while Aaron enjoys every last moment.

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Jul 052011

Hot muscled stud Jason Torres trains eager power bottom Marco di Lucca in the gym – and it isn’t long before Jason is training Marco more on sucking dick than working out! Watch as Marco gets pounded deep and hard before they shoot huge creamy loads in this scene from our latest movie ‘Sports Lads Fuck’.

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Jun 222011

Ryder and Kieron are warming up in the park before they start on their morning run. Both are wearing tight black shorts and get nice and sweaty before heading back home. Making their way into the bedroom Ryder sits on the floor, Kieron standing up and takes off his trainers. Ryder takes his trainers and starts to lick and sniff them as Kieron rubs his sock covered foot up and down the bulge in Ryder’s shorts. Ryder takes hold of Kieron’s foot and starts to kiss and lick it before taking out Kieron’s cock to start sucking him off. Standing up they kiss, Ryder falls to the bed and Kieron takes out his cock and goes to work on it with his mouth. Kieron moves on top and they 69, working each other harder and harder. Ryder takes off his shorts and sits on top of Kieron, pushing up and down on his rock hard cock. Kieron flips him over and starts to fuck Ryder doggy style. Ryder moves onto his back, Kieron pounds him deeper and harder until he can hold off no longer and Ryder shoots a huge creamy load onto his chest before Kieron pulls out and shoots onto Ryder’s chest too.

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May 212011

In Luke’s interview he says his biggest turn on is having sex in the toilets and he really likes being blindfolded with a tie or wanking off with a tie. Kawan passes Luke while is chatting in one of the corridors of the club and gives him the eye. Luke follows and they make out in one of the cruising areas of the club, Kawan licking and sniffing Luke’s tie and rubbing it on his ripped body. Kawan unzips his pants, takes out his cock and Luke wraps his tie round and wanks him off before diving on to suck him off. Luke sits down and Kawan gets out his cock and starts sucking him off. Luke has a meaty thick cock and Kawan gets to work on deep throating him. Kawan bends over so they can 69. They stand up, Luke takes off his jacket so Kawan can undress him. Kawan lays down on the couch and Luke sits down on top of his rock hard cock thrusting up and down to get every last inch inside him. Luke moves forward so they can fuck doggy style, Kawan using Luke’s tie as a blindfold and as reins, pulling himself deeper and deeper onto his cock while in total control. Kawan sits down and Luke rides him again before Luke lays down and Kawan fucks him till he shoots a huge load of white cum over his ripped stomach. Kawan pulls out and jacks off over Luke.

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Suited to fuck 2

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Apr 182011

We meet Dillon at the club dressed in a suit from work. He explains he likes being in control and how the suit gives him that power to dominate. Next we see Dillon with Fran in one of the cruising areas of the club, Dillon is sitting down, Fran kneeling on the floor worshipping his shoes, first polishing them with a cloth and then licking them clean with his tongue. Fran opens Dillon’s shirt and licks his chest while other guys hang around watching the action. Fran gets out Dillon’s cock – it is rock hard already and a nice thick 9” one. Dillon grabs Fran’s head and pulls him down onto his cock forcing him to deep throat every last inch. Fran strips leaving just his tie on and starts to thrust his ass down on Dillon working that huge cock deep inside him. They move up so that Dillon is now standing over Fran and takes full control of fucking his tight young ass. Fran lays down on the couch and they fuck harder, Fran lifting his whole body so he can thrust even faster and deeper up and down on Dillon’s monster. As Fran pushes even deeper he can hold no more and spurts his creamy load over his ripped six-pack. Dillon pulls out and shoots over Fran spraying his body and face with cum, Fran trying to catch some of it in his mouth.

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Suited to fuck

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Apr 112011

Mark is working at the bar serving customers. He leaves the bar for a moment to go to the toilet. Justin explains that his biggest turn on with the suits fetish is the tie as that is the symbol of a real man. In the toilet Mark looks at Justin and moves over and starts licking, smelling and kissing Justin’s tie and shirt. He caresses Justin’s jacket before removing it. Justin pulls down Marks pants and starts sucking his hard dick against the urinals as some of the other guys in the club begin to watch. Justin sucks mark even deeper as Mark rubs Justin’s tie over his ripped body. Justin stands up and Mark sucks him off. Mark undoes Justin’s shirt, touching his ripped six-pack before turning him round and rimming his ass with his tongue. Justin bends over more and Mark slips his cock inside and starts to fuck him harder. Grabbing onto his shirt, Mark pulls Justin even deeper onto him before they make their way into one of the cubicals. With Mark sitting on the toilet, Justin sits down on his cock to feel the full force of Mark’s dick. Standing up they fuck even harder while more guys come in and watch. Mark pulls out, sits Justin down and cums over his black silk tie and leaves to go back to work. Justin stays in the cubicle and while being watched by another guy cums again over his tie before kicking the door shut.

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Mar 132011

Justin is a hot and sexy guy who loves swimming and keeping fit. Looking at his hot body it is not hard to see! He is bottom and really has a thing for big cocks – don’t we all! In sex he finds having sex with straight guys a real turn on as well as threesomes.

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