Jun 162013


Every once in awhile not a word needs to be said to get things started. We just put two models in a room, turn on the cameras, sit back and record the magic. That’s exactly what happens between furry Brian Bonds and inked-up Sean Duran. It’s evident from the get-go that these two muscled studs are into each other big time. Brian is already hard by the time Sean pries his cock out of his pants. Sean gives Brian a sloppy blow job, leaving him breathless and covered in spit. Brian drops to his knees and soon tears are running down his face as he gags on Sean’s cock. Sean wants to get fucked and Brian is happy to give it to him. He pounds Sean’s tight ass from various positions until Sean Duran cums onto his own ripped stomach. Brian Bonds pulls and and adds to the mess with his own juicy load.

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Jun 042013


Superstar Zeb Atlas flexes, showing Mike De Marko how muscular he could be through hard work and dedication. Mike may have a little work to do on his muscles but he’s already at the top of the class when it comes to big cocks. Mike worships Zeb’s muscles and suck his massive pole. Zeb gets into daddy mode and bends his young friend over his lap then gives him a good spanking. Zeb splits Mike’s red ass with his thick dick. Zeb gives it to Mike hard and deep and Mike takes every inch like a champ. Mike De Marko cums while riding Zeb’s huge fuck-stick. Covered in Mike’s cum, Zeb Atlas strokes out a thick juicy load of his own.

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May 042013

Sven Norse - Robert Castle 01

Sven┬ápulls off Robert’s shirt and then removes his own shirt. Sven takes the shirt and makes Robert smell his manly musk. Robert kisses Sven’s chest and works his way down to his abs. Robert pulls down Sven’s jeans and swallows his hard cock. Sven pulls Robert up to his feet and takes his turn on his knees taking Robert’s young cock deep into his mouth. Sven sits down on the couch and makes Robert choke on his cock. Sven lays on top of Robert rubbing their hard pricks together. Sven throws Robert’s legs back and eats his sweet hole. After getting his fill of Robert’s tight young hole, Sven bends over and let’s Robert pump his cock in and out of his hairy ass. Sven lays on his back and pulls his legs back so Robert can bury his hard pole deep in his ass. Robert fucks Sven Norse passionately until Sven shoots his thick white load onto his abs and cock.? Robert Castle follows by spraying his seed all over Sven’s abs and pubes.?

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Feb 042013

Word has been getting around that Valentin Petrov has a big dick. Trenton Ducati is here to confirm the rumors. Well, the rumors prove to be false. Valentin doesn’t have a big dick he has a REALLY big dick! After sucking on Valentin’s pole Trenton blurts out “I have a big dick too! You like big dicks?” And with that, big cocks are flopping about everywhere! The studs take turns sucking cock and preparing Trenton’s hole for Valentin’s massive rod. Valentin roughly fingers Trenton’s ass until he can’t stand another moment without a thick, long dick inside it. Valentin mounts Trenton from behind, thrusting every inch of his ram-rod cock as deep as he can go. The harder Valentin Petrov pounds him the more Trenton begs. Trenton Ducati works his hard, stiff prick while getting slammed by Valentin until he cums all over his ripped abs. Valentin adds to the mess with a creamy load of his own.

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Jan 042013

Phenix Saint and Angelo have astounding, muscular physiques. Phenix quickly strips muscle-stud Angelo out of his clothes. Angelo’s pouty lips pucker as Phenix swallows his thick, uncut cock. Angelo grows inside Phenix’s talented mouth until he’s rock-hard at his full, impressive mass. Phenix drops his pants revealing his sweet, sexy ass and beautiful dick. Angelo drops to his knees and sucks Phenix down to his balls. Both stallions are horny as hell and are ready to flip fuck! Phenix is the first to spread his cheeks and take Angelo’s thick meat. “You’re splitting me in half!” Phenix screams as Angelo stuffs him from behind. Payback time and Phenix lays back on the bed so Angelo can sit his bubble-butt down on his hard cock. Phenix continues to throttle Angelo’s sweet hole until Angelo sprays his sweet load onto his own stomach. Phenix Saint adds to the mess, cuming onto Angelo’s cock and abs.

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Dec 212012

Spencer Reed is relaxing at home when Brody Wilde brings home a hot present for him, Mike De Marko. Spencer likes this unexpected gift and wastes no time thanking Brody and welcoming Mike with a hot make out session. Brody moves down Spencer’s muscular body, unbuttons his shorts and takes out Spencer’s huge cock. He then takes out Mike De Marko’s thick cock and deep throats it, alternating between Mike’s cock and Spencer’s. “I want both of you guys to suck my cock” Spencer says, Mike obliges and is soon sharing Spencer’s cock with Brody. They take turns stuffing as much of Spencer’s cock into their mouths as possible and then stand to worship his huge muscular arms. Brody and Mike’s tongues soon find their way from Spencer’s biceps to his nipples and then his armpits. Spencer Reed drops to his knees and swallows Brody and Mike’s cock whole. He bends Brody over and eats his tight young hole while Mike feeds Brody his cock from the other end. Spencer teases Brody’s hole by rubbing his cock up and down on his tight ass before plunging it deep into him. Brody moans loudly with pleasure. Spencer then flips Brody over on his back and continues pounding away at his ass. Mike has waited patiently long enough. After sitting on the couch, Spencer calls Mike over to sit on his cock; Brody in the meanwhile feeds his cock to Mike’s hungry mouth. Spencer commands Mike to turn around and ride his cock with his ass completely visible to Spencer. Having had enough ass, Spencer stands up alongside Mike and they both shoot their warm loads on Brody’s face and into his mouth. Brody Wilde then shoots his load while on his knees with Spencer Reed and Mike De Marko by his side.

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Dec 082012

Angelo has traveled all the way from Prague to film here in sunny Los Angeles. Trenton Ducati is looking forward to giving him a warm welcome! Trenton gets down on his knees and is already raging hard as he sucks Angelo’s uncut cock. He beats his meat while Angelo’s cock grows in his mouth. The two studs rub their cocks together before Angelo drops down to get force-fed Trenton Ducati’s rock-hard dick. While getting gagged with Trenton’s rod, Angelo reaches around and fingers Trenton’s ass getting it ready for his huge cock. A couple of ass licks and then Angelo is balls deep in Trenton’s hot-hole. Trenton begs for it harder and Angelo thrusts away as hard as he can. A true power bottom, Trenton’s ass gobbles up every inch with ease. With Angelo still stuffing his hole, Trenton pumps away at his cock until he pops all over his ripped abs. Trenton Ducati eats his own cum, and then takes a second load onto his tight stomach.

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Nov 242012

Shane Frost has always wanted to do a scene with Bryce Star. Today he scored! Bryce drops to his knees to swallow Shane’s big dick. He manages to take him all the way down to the base with ease. Shane shows Bryce he’s no slouch when it comes to sucking dick either and returns the favor with equal expertise. Shane Frost and Bryce Star are ready to fuck. Shane splits Bryce’s ass with his thick dick. He pounds away relentlessly at Bryce from various positions, each one hotter than the last. Bryce loves the feeling of Shane deep inside him. Shane Frost is the first to blow his wad, landing all over the couch and Bryce’s colorful arm. Bryce Star is up next and plasters his tight stomach with his creamy cum. Shane licks it up and spits the cum into Bryce’s hungry mouth for some snowballing fun.

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Nov 092012

Muscle-bear Jessy Ares is here with hunky Hans Berlin. These two uncut fuckers are hot for each other and can’t wait to start tearing their clothes off. Hans drops to his knees taking Jessy’s rock-hard cock in his mouth. Hans loves nibbling on Jessy’s foreskin and choking on his long dick. Jessy wants at Hans Berlin’s thick meat but not before the two rub their cocks together. Jessy swallows Hans aggressively, only braking to lick his balls and suck on his foreskin. Jesse then eats out Hans’ hungry hole getting it ready. Hans is now ready to get fucked by Jessy Ares. He lays on his back spreading his ass wide for his ripped mate. Jessy buries his fuck-stick deep inside Hans. Hans orders Jessy to “FUCK THAT HOLE!” and he is more than happy to comply. Jessy pounds Hans any way he sees fit. Hans strokes himself wildly while Jessy Ares lays down the pipe. Hans shoots his load onto his stomach while Jessy still thrusts away in his ass. With Jessy Ares ready to pop, Hans quickly drops to his knees to take Jessy’s load all over his face and suck his cummy cock.

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Sep 012012

Rex Roddick’s back is burnt to a crisp and is in dire need of some lotion. Conner Habib is more than happy to lend a hand and gives Rex a creamy back rub. With Rex’s back taken care of, Conner flips him over and takes care of his own dire need .of COCK! Conner shows off his talent by deep throating Rex’s big dick all the way down to his balls. Rex is no amateur when it comes to cock sucking either. He has Conner Habib moaning with delight and his johnson pointing straight to the sky. Conner is dripping with anticipation for Rex Roddick’s long shaft inside him. He lays back and kicks his legs up to accept Rex’s rod. Thrusting deep inside Conner’s ass makes Rex forget all about his sun-burnt back. After bobbing up and down on Rex, Conner wants a turn topping. Rex gets on all fours and arches his ass high in the air. Conner Habib gets Rex ready by shoving his tongue and fingers inside Rex’s tight hole before slipping his dick inside. Conner rams Rex hard and fast. Rex Roddick loves it so much he cums onto his abs while Conner still pumps away. Conner licks up his thick, white cum and feeds it to Rex. Still hungry, Conner cums in Rex’s waiting mouth. The two studs exchange kisses and then Conner offers to rub cum onto Rex’s back.

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