Feb 142012

Triple shooter Vin Marco returns to MH.com to once again show off his special talent: he’s a 230 pound, 6′-0″ wall of pure granite muscle with a 10″ engine parked squarely between his legs – which is capable of producing multiple cumshots in the course of a single minute! And nothing gets Vin going stronger than his own posing routine. You don’t believe it? We swear it’s true, and we have the proof! Tune in to Vin’s latest video for MH.com, a studio carpenter fantasy that shows muscle-flexing Vin easily shooting the goods right on the job – not once, not twice, but three times in a row!

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Nov 182011

We love filming Muscle Hunks men outdoors. We think there’s nothing sexier than watching a powerfully-built hunk jerking his dick in the open air. Brutus di Fino leans back against a brick wall and works over his cock. It’s funny how some men really live up to their names. Brutus is definitely a handsome brute with a hulking chest. His hefty legs strain across the brick and after a vigorous jerk-off session, Brutus grunts deeply, and a thick burst of stringy spunk oozes out of his cock.

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Orso Orfeo

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Jul 072011

MuscleHunks.com is proud to announce an all new shoot of one of the most spectacular bodybuilding models Mr. Orso Orfeo. You just can’t go wrong with Orso Orfeo. The man is always in amazing shape. With those perfect pecs, huge beefy legs, hick traps, those broad lats, and his mouth-watering globe-like glutes – well, Orso Orfeo is the perfect muscle visual. And does he love to give a show? Shy when we first met him years back, Orso now commands the camera…. posing, strutting and saving the best f for that one final volcanic explosion!

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